The human bodily system consists of 13 main channels (srotas). The first three include the digestive system (anna), airways (prana) and the system of water metabolism (ambu). Other seven represent channels that nurture seven bodily tissues (dhatus) and final three direct the process of stool excretion (purisha), urine elimination (mutrava) and removal of toxins through sweat glands (sveda). The fourteenth specific and complex channel is the psychophysical system (mano) that comprises the mind and sensory organs together with activity of the cardiovascular and neuroendocrine system. Finally, two more channels are to be found in the female body – for menstruation (rajah) and lactation (stanya). This metabolic transformation takes place on the level of cells, tissues, organs, emotions, thoughts and mental consciousness, and finally projects itself on our health in the form of individual balance of the three biological principles (vata, pitta, kapha).